'Hold Him Accountable'! Diana Karazon's Husband Moath Omari in Trouble for What He Did to Ahlam Tamimi (Video)

Published October 8th, 2020 - 05:34 GMT
'Hold Him Accountable'! Diana Karazon's Husband Moath Omari in Trouble for What He Did to Ahlam Tamimi (Video)

Moath is in trouble.

Jordanian radio host and husband of Jordanian songstress Diana Karazon, Moath Omari, is facing wide criticism for what he did to Jordanian national Ahlam Tamimi on air.

In a widely circulated video by Jordanian social media users, Moath was seen trying to cut Ahlam Tamimi's call.

At first he was telling Ahlam that he cannot hear her voice and that she should change her location to be able to hear her clearer, although her voice can be heard loud and clear.

Then Moath's co-host Jihad Abu Baidar was seen giving a hand gesture to the producer to cut the call, which they eventually did.

The freed prisoner Ahlam Tamimi was appealing to the King of Jordan, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, during the call to facilitate the renewal of her husband Nizar Tamimi's residency and allow him to stay in Jordan and reunite the family after they were displaced for years due to the occupying entity.

Jordanians condemned and rejected what Moath and Nizar did, and they launched the hashtag #AhlamTamimiYourVoiceIsLoud to support her, and they succeeded with making the hashtag trending.

Reactions were angry about what happened. One commentator wrote: "Frankly Ahlam did wrong here. Her value is greater than such programs. She gave them more than they deserve when she called them. They do not deserve this honor."

Another one wrote: "Media clowns cut off Ahlam's call. Look how his hand’s movements cut off the connection. Oh no, lying heroics .. We’re your voice Ahlam."

Ahlam Tamimi is a Jordanian national and the first woman to join the Al-Qassam Brigades, and when she was 21, she helped the captive Abdullah al-Barghouti carry out martyrdom operations in Palestine, and was sentenced by the occupation to 16 years, and she was released in the Free Loyalty deal in 2011.

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