Did Dr. Kholoud and Amin Get Divorced?

Published April 13th, 2021 - 09:05 GMT
Did Dr. Kholoud and Amin Get Divorced? اشاعة طلاق الدكتورة خلود وامين

#DrKholoudsDivorce hashtag is trending on Twitter.

During the past few hours, the hashtag "Dr. Kholoud's divorce from Amin" has topped the trending list on Twitter.

Without any details being shared, the hashtag created a large interaction among followers who wondered what really happened between the happy couple, and whether they had actually separated after years of marriage that resulted in 4 children.

However, others speculated that the hashtag was paid by either Dr. Kholoud or her husband Amin to provoke controversy and create confusion, no more, no less.

Kholoud and Amin decided to respond to the rumor on their way.

The Jordanian-Kuwaiti couple shared a video of them together in Amin's office while forming a love heart shape with their hands, as an evidence that their love and relationship are fine while they played romantic songs in the background.

dr. kholoud and amin divorce طلاق الدكتورة خلود

And later, the couple continued filming their diaries without directly addressing the divorce rumor.

On the other hand, the couple had celebrated their fifth marriage anniversary a few days ago.

The mother, the father and their 4 children have underwent a photoshoot at their luxurious villa, and Dr. Kholoud's handsome Jordanian husband, Amin, also released a new perfume on that special occasion.

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