Did "Salah The Entertainer" win Arabs Got Talent season 4 fair and square?

Published March 9th, 2015 - 11:34 GMT

By Arwad Khalifeh

Was it fair for Salah The Entertainer, 36, to win Arabs Got Talent (AGT) on Saturday night?

Week after week, the Moroccan-Algerian contestant impressed the talent show's judges Najwa Karam, Ali Jaber, Ahmed Helmy and Nasser al Qasabi, and viewers across the Arab world with his unique miming skills and incredible dance moves.

Salah's creative choreography cannot be argued. However, having already won the first season of France's Got Talent with a similar act in 2006, was it fair for an established dancer to compete against amateurs in 2015?

Some might even argue that Salah "cheated" his way into winning AGT, having already made a name for himself at the age of 26!

If you look up the entertainer on YouTube, you'll find hundreds of videos documenting his performances from his recurring show in Las Vegas to various other gigs.

This guy's a pro, so why should someone as inexperienced yet super talented as, say, fellow contestant Yasmina, 16, lose out to a professional dancer like Salah?

However, to the Paris-based star, it was all about making Arabs proud. 

“I wanted to prove my talent to the Arab world, as an Arab, and to respect my roots,” Salah said ahead of his performance.

Quite surprisingly, Jaber, who is also dean of the School of Journalism at the American University of Dubai and the group TV director of MBC, saw no prejudice in Salah's participation.

“To have such an international star with Arab origins performing all over the world is something to be proud of. It’s about time you came to the region,” Jaber told Salah when he first auditioned for the show.

On Saturday night, Jaber was again generous with his praise, “There is no doubt that Salah is one of the most important competitors for the title... It is a complete talent.”

Helmy also offered songs of praise by telling Salah, "You are a jewel; an artistic jewel. You do something incredibly difficult. You can easily put on a two-hour show without anyone getting bored."

What do YOU think? Would you call Salah's win a fair game?

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