Diplo says he's 'not, not gay'

Published March 15th, 2023 - 11:00 GMT
Diplo: "I'm not not gay"
Diplo does not want to label his sexuality

ALBAWABA - American DJ Diplo said that he has had oral sex performed by a man, but insisted that he is ''not not gay."

Diplo appeared hesitant to discuss his sexual leanings publicly, but the musician clarified that he was not a homosexual, contradicting speculation arising from Tuesday's episode of Emily Ratajkowski's High Low podcast.

"I'm not aroused by men that much, I’m sure I’ve gotten a blow job from a guy before. … For sure. 100 percent, yeah," he said in the podcast.

When Ratajkowski asked Diplo if he remembers a specific time when he received oral sex from a guy, he replied: "No, I’ve gotten a lot of blow jobs, but I don’t know, I mean, getting a blow job is not that gay, I think."

Ratajkowski responded: "I don’t know. You tell me?"

Diplo shared on social media: "I don’t want to define that I’m gay, but I think the best answer that I have is I’m not, not gay."

The performer pointed out that someone’s gender doesn’t determine if he’s interested in them. "I’m more of a vibe guy, like men that are younger than me, I meet a lot in the scene, like they’re very fluid."

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