"You're a liar and a two-faced woman"! Dounia Batma catfights her husband's first wife on Instagram

Published August 14th, 2014 - 08:34 GMT
Dounia on her wedding day to Tork. (Image: Facebook)
Dounia on her wedding day to Tork. (Image: Facebook)

Ding ding, there's a verbal boxing match on Instagram as we speak! Former Arab Idol contestant Dounia Batma is taking her anger out on her husband's first wife via hateful messages on the social media website, reports Laha Magazine.

The Moroccan singer tied the knot to millionaire Mohamed Tork in 2013, but she entered his family as his second wife and there's definitely more trouble in that paradise than anyone had thought!

Dounia brought Tork's first wife to shame by revealing what she's really like, according to the angry second wifey that is.

Dounia wrote, "My words are for the woman who thinks she's all that, when in reality she is nothing. After I entered the family I knew your worth, and what I say is the truth, and I say it in front of everyone. I'm appalled by your acting and think you should be ashamed of yourself for what you have said.

The bashing continued, "I know you don't have an ounce of shame, and I truly believe you should watch what you say, not for your own sake but rather for the sake of those poor children of yours that God placed in your hands. I want you to know that nothing matters to me besides my family and this is something every person should accept."

According to Laha Magazine, Donia added, "My regards to every back-stabber who tries to make people believe that they are innocent, but are only fooling themselves, when in reality they know that they are deceitful and are right down dirty.

She carried on with a warning, "Don't make excuses for yourself. My last words to you are that very soon people will know your true colours that have left you all alone. Do not talk about those that are better than you, for I am stronger than you. You have been deserted because you are a liar and a two-faced woman and there is no one like you. All that has been done is your own doing. My regards to everyone that knows the value of their family and appreciates it, and my sorrow to those that do not and have no self worth."

What could the first wifey have possibly done to get on Batma's nerves?

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