Dounia Batma's new (and already married) hubby has his cake and is eating it too!

Published December 23rd, 2013 - 09:11 GMT
Dounia feeding cake to her new man on their wedding day. (Image: Facebook)
Dounia feeding cake to her new man on their wedding day. (Image: Facebook)

Drama seems to have followed Dounia Batma from her very fist step into stardom when she participated in the talent show Arab Idol in its first season. After being accused as a gold-digger, seeking cash from Gulfies, the Moroccan rising star may have just confirmed the claims that Ahlam had defended on the show. Dounia tied the knot to a married Bahraini man recently in Casablanca.

Mohamed Turk become one lucky guy as he married his celebrity second wife in a traditional Moroccan way. Now he not only had his cake but got to eat it too!

According to, despite the fact that her marriage to a man who is already married gave rise to harsh criticism, Dounia defended the bond, saying it was a match made in heaven.

Dounia stated that men from the Gulf region marry Moroccans because they are beautiful women, not because her co-patriots are men stealers as they have been accused.

According to the scandal-soaked starlet, her nuptials were above reproach per the rules of Islam as a man is free to marry four women. She, however, plans to be his second and last!

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