Raja’a Al Jeddawi to Act as Suzanne Mubarak

Published May 3rd, 2012 - 10:11 GMT
Egypt's Raja's Aljeddawi is the boss in this house!
Egypt's Raja's Aljeddawi is the boss in this house!

Egyptian renowned actress Raja’a Al Jeddawi is filming the remaining scenes of her sitcom series “Shaw'eyah wa Eyal Eyalha” or “Shaw'eyah and Her Grandchildren” in which she portrays the character of Shaw'eyah, a controlling wealthy woman who lives in a mansion and reigns supreme over the household. 

She is so domineering that everybody waits on her orders. Even her older son and her husband (Saeed Saleh) who is himself an elderly man  suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

According to Al-Youm Al Sabe'a website, the director of this series, Jihan Rizeq, aims at playing  the character of Suzanne Mubarak in a satirical  way, to allude to how the previous First Lady of Egypt was running everyone’s life and how no one dared to go against her will.

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