Egyptian Opera House to Host Women Musical Troupe

Published March 3rd, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

After hosting the Tunisian Female Music Players and the Egyptian Nile Girls musical troupes, the Egyptian Opera House will host the third troupe of female singers and musicians, Haramlek troupe. 

The troupe is comprised of teachers and organizers at the Arab Music Institute. Maestro Samira Salah, instructor of violin at the Arabic Music Institute will participate by playing the violin. 

Commenting on the name Haramlek, Salah told the UAE daily al Bayan, “this name which initially aroused resentment goes back to the old-fashioned image of women, but I found within it beautiful meanings about old values and heritage.” 

“Our singing heritage constitutes an ever flowing spring which we should re discover as some of the old songs still captivate people. Old songs are rich with keys and our plans in the troupe include the presentation of the new and old art. We presented artworks by Atiyyah Sharah, Qasabji and Mohammed Abdel Wahab and we are gearing up for a concert to be performed soon especially for the late Egyptian musician Mohammed Abdel Wahab and his songs,” added Salah. 

After completing her studies at the Arabic Music Institute, Salah prepared her Master’s thesis on the Arabic violin and shed light on old players who used old sound pitches. Her Ph.D. was on various training sessions on the Arabic violin.  

“There are differences in pitches between the Arabic and western violins as the Arabic violin has softer performance. If an Arabic song, by Shadia for example, is sung at the tunes of a western violin, one feels there is something wrong. The make and chords are similar in both instruments but there is a difference in setting the chord by either tightening or relaxing it -- 

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