Eman Al Asi solves people’s problems

Published September 4th, 2009 - 02:26 GMT

According to the London daily Elaph, a number of stars are making a comeback to television this Ramadan season and other stars are appearing for the first time.


Some of the young stars that are returning to television this Ramadan are Eman Al Asi, who took part in the television drama series “Hadert Al Mutaham Abi” (My Father The Guilty One).


This Ramadan season Eman stars in the new television drama series “Al Adham” which is being aired on “ART Hikayat” satellite channel. In the new series “Al Adham” Eman plays the role of a television co-host and presents a show that tries to solve people’s problems.


Egyptian actor Ahamd Iz also returns to television this Ramadan season in the new series “Al Adham.”  He stars as “Adham,” a young guy who wants to leave the Middle East and travel to Europe to search for a better life. He travels to Europe illegally by sea and his boat sinks.


The Lebanese artist Sireen Abed Al Noor also stars in “Al Adham,” she plays as a young Lebanese woman Nadeen who is in love with Adham.


The new series “Al Adham” also stars Eman Al Asi, Salah Abdullah, Muhammad Lutfi, Mahmoud Al Bazawi, Mahmoud Al Jundi, Nihal Anbar and Sawsan bader. The series is written by Mahmoud Al Bazawi and directed by Muhammad Al Najar.



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