Exclusive: Lina Qishawi on why things didn't work out with Mohammed Assaf!

Published March 10th, 2016 - 01:29 GMT
Lina is a successful TV presenter for a Palestinian TV network. (File photo)
Lina is a successful TV presenter for a Palestinian TV network. (File photo)

They could have been Arab celebville's next Golden Couple, but Lina Qishawi has finally spoken out about the real reason her and Palestinian superstar Mohammed Assaf called off their engagement in February.

While the majority of their fans speculated that they split up because Lina didn't want to lose her job as a TV presenter for Alfalstiniah TV - Assaf's condition for marriage was for her to remain out of the spotlight - it's still unclear whether that's true or false.



A photo posted by Lina Qishawi  (@linaqishawi) on Feb 13, 2016 at 12:31am PST

Unfortunately, Lina didn't provide much details to go by, but said that had she not been a well-known TV presenter and Assaf a famous artist, no one would have paid any attention to their break up. And who's to disagree with her? She speaks the truth, yet that's the bitter price of fame.

In a Facebook post from February, Lina told the media not to make out the reasons behind her break up to be bigger than they really are. 

The 23-year-old presenter also wanted her fans to know that the decision her and Assaf made was a joint one, but not an easy one indeed, adding that life sometimes throws difficult things in our faces that we must face up to.

She added that the foundation of a successful relationship is based on a full understanding and agreement between the two persons in it. It's clear the two young stars had their differences, but one is impressed by Lina's diplomacy and manners.

The classy starlet wished Assaf "a life filled with successes and achievements" and "total happiness in both his personal and professional lives." 

Lina further described Assaf as "an exceptional representative of Palestine and the Arab world." 

More recently, the Palestinian-Russian beauty addressed her critics through Laha magazine, "Criticise my work so that I can get better at it, but don't criticise my personal life because that's between Mohammed and I. We were getting to know each other, we announced our engagement then we broke it off before we made a mistake by getting married then divorcing and regretted it later... that's all what's to it."

Finally, she hoped that people would shift their focus on local and international news that are in more need of the spotlight than her personal life.


A photo posted by Lina Qishawi (@linaqishawi) on Feb 1, 2016 at 8:06pm PST

Lina is quite the optimist and humanitarian; her Instagram account is filled with posts focused on serious issues such as hunger, poverty and cancer, and motivational/inspirational quotes, as well.

By Arwad Khalifeh

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