Mohammed Assaf's Falasteeni fiancé: Everything you wanted to know about Lina Qishawi!

Published October 5th, 2015 - 03:04 GMT
Assaf and Lina got engaged in Sep 2015. (File photo)
Assaf and Lina got engaged in Sep 2015. (File photo)

Remember when Amal Alamuddin first came into the spotlight as George Clooney's new lover and we were dying to know all about her?

Well, right now we're getting that same itching feeling to find out all we can about Mohammed Assaf's new girl.

After announcing his engagement to a young lady from his native land one week ago, we dug in deep and found out everything you wanted to know about the Pal gal.

Name: Lina Qishawi.

Age: Born on 31 August 1992, she's 23-years-young!

Occupation: One hell of a professional TV presenter.

Ethnicity: Palestinian baba and Russian mama. As Johnny Bravo puts it: Woah, momma!

Family: Has an elder sister called Kristina and a younger brother called Khalil - who, we're sure, are as stunning as her.

Education: Nutrition graduate from Birzeit University, Class of 2015.

Marital status: Has been dating our lovely Arab Idol for 6 months and is now his lucky fiance!

And according to Al Jaras Magazine, the big day will take place in... Palestine of course, and will be a "big surprise," as Assaf announced.

Summer 2016, hurry up already!

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