'Execute Him': Model Roz's Sister Demands Execution to Her Ex Husband Mohammed Al-Hmoud

Published October 21st, 2021 - 06:21 GMT
'Execute Him': Model Roz's Sister Demands Execution to Her Ex Husband Mohammed Al-Hmoud

Model Roz's Ex Husband, Saudi businessman Mohammed Al-Hmoud, has responded to her allegations: 'I gave up two jobs for you!', as the fued between the two escalates following Model Roz's fiery interview with Emirati presenter and entrepreneur Anas Bukhash in #ABtalks last Friday.

On Snapchat, Mohammed Al-Hmoud first leaked a recording of Model Roz where she was saying that she wants to cancel his visa and green card and force him to go back to Saudi Arabia where there's no freedom of speech, unlike in the US, so that he would stop talking about her on social media, because if did so while in KSA, he will be jailed, as per Roz's statements.

As Model Roz, whose real name is Rawan Abdullah Abu Zaid, has narrated her part of the story, her husband Mohammed Al-Hmoud revealed his part of the story now.

Mohammed began to tell what happened with him before he married Model Roz.

'Before my marriage, I was working in a corporation and I had my own businesses.'

Then Al-Hmoud revealed post marriage matters, saying: 'After I got married, Model Roz insisted to go to America for several reasons, such as her intention to finish her bachelor education, as well as to pursue her dream of becoming a model at a time when Instagram and other apps were still unknown,'

Then Mohammed revealed that they applied for a bachelor scholarship for Model Roz to study in the US but she was rejected due to her low grades in high school.

After that, Al-Hmoud said that he searched a lot to find a job for himself to make Model Roz's dream come true while in USA, and luckily he find a job in the diplomatic sector and moved to the US.

Al-Hmoud continued and said that he sacrificed his first job to make Roz's first dream come true, and one of his previous business was her late father.

Then Mohammed revealed that he was guiding her what to do on social media, such as advising her to open an Instagram account and to talk about subjects like fashion.

The Saudi businessman then accused Model Roz's fame of being the reason behind losing his second job as a diplomat, as the party he works for made him choose between relocating to another country outside the US, or to resign, so he resigned.

He concluded his statements: 'Until now, there is hope that you will fix everything that happened, meaning, you will return what you took, and accept the American ruling that was issued in the amount of 50% and we will close this page to the end, because in the end, divorce lawyers do not care about anything, nor me or you, especially your lawyer, everything is run by money, this is a source his livelihood, think with a mind, think about the amounts that you will lose, whether cases I won or I will win, why this conflict, each one thinks about his life, go get married and have children and God bless you with a good husband.'

Model Roz's sister, Layan Abduallah, couldn't keep her silence after she heard Mohammed Al-Hmoud's statements.

Layan said on Instagram that her sister was prompted to see a psychiatrist because of what Mohammed is doing to her.

She also claimed that Al-Hmoud is saying unreal things that are only from his imagination, then she shockingly added that if she was in her sister's shoes, she wouldn't only imprison him, but also have him executed.

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