Fans express outrage towards Amr Diab

Published April 27th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian singer Amr Diab was recently scheduled to hold a live concert in Alexandria Egypt, but was rejected by the entire audience for being four hours late. Once the singer arrived on stage fans began screaming in rage at him saying "We Don’t Want You" and threw empty water bottles on the stage. 


The concert was to begin at 7:00 pm and the audience, who reached over 10,000, were waiting two hours in advance for the singer who arrived at 11:00 pm. The odd matter of the incident is, after some of the rage was let out, Amr began singing and made fans forget that he was late and they became so excited in hearing him.  


According to the Egyptian daily, Al Masa, Diab has recently completed the final touches on his upcoming new album, which is his first work under the music production company Rotana. Amr revealed that the new album will hold his personal spice and style, in a time the singer is seeking to widen his success over the Arab world.  


The new album entitled “Khaleena Neshoufak” (Let Us See You) is the fruit of extended cooperation between Amr and Rotana, and is expected to hold a unique style never presented by Amr before. The album has been processed in some of the finest studios around the world, as part of efforts by Amr to be an international singer.  


Amr had also finished shooting the main song in the new Album entitled “Khaleena Neshoufak”, in addition to deciding to shoot another song from the album entitled “Sallamtek”. Shooting of the music video is expected to be completed during this month, and the whole album is expected to be released next April.  


Amr has recently filmed a new television commercial for the international soft drink company Pepsi Cola in Italy. In the commercial Amr appears sitting on a throne with a large crowd of people around him. 


The commercial comes as part of a series of commercials Pepsi is making with a group of Arab and international stars like Britney Spears, Pink and many others. The company is also planning to shoot a commercial with Lebanese singer Alissa in the very near future. – 

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