Fouz Al Fahad Handed Over to Public Prosecution a Week After Her Marriage Because of This Video!

Published March 23rd, 2020 - 07:30 GMT
Fouz Al Fahad

Kuwaiti Ministry of Health handed over fashionista Fouz Al Fahad to the Public Prosecution for a video promoting a device claimed to diagnose Coronavirus infection in people, which the Ministry had declared as an unlicensed.

Kuwaiti lawyer Bashar Al-Nassar had promised to sue Al-Fahed if she goes through with this, in a tweet, saying:

"Tomorrow, you will receive a sufficient and adequate response to your ad about Coronavirus Inspection Device that is not approved by the Ministry of Health and we will stand against you. Since the beginning of the crisis we've been spreading awareness and fighting the disease, and you are promoting a device that has not been approved. Let's see!"

In response, Fouz Al Fahad deleted the ad and apologized, claiming that she'd received the device from a trusted source, and that it is still being tested by specialists.

She added that she had tried the device and is still using it and explained that the video was not a promotion, pointing out that the device is not available in the market at all, and she did not expect that one video could turn the situation upside down.

On the other hand, Fouz was subjected to a major attack because of the ad, which many considered to be false and incorrect, demanding authorities to punish her. A group of Kuwaiti lawyers expressed their dissatisfaction with her act in light of the crisis implications experienced in Kuwait, the last of which was the imposition of the curfew law in the country.

It has only been a week since Fouz Al Fahad's married Kuwaiti businessman Abdullatif Al-Sarraf, in a small wedding ceremony at home because of Cornoavirus that went viral. 

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