'Fugitive' Saad Lamjarred sued in the US for 'raping a Brooklyn woman, fleeing to Morocco'

Published May 22nd, 2016 - 11:23 GMT
The singer is now reportedly being treated as a fugitive. (Facebook)
The singer is now reportedly being treated as a fugitive. (Facebook)

We know Saad Lamjarred as one of the Arab world's most beloved singers, but before rising to fame, he was known to a woman in Brooklyn, USA, as nothing but a rapist and a fugitive. 

According to the New York Daily News, the Moroccan singer has been accused of “sexual assault and violence” towards the Brooklyn woman in 2010.

The woman has not been identified for security and legal reasons, but claims that Lamjarred assaulted and beat her up in a Brooklyn apartment six years ago.

The "victim" has filed a report with the police on her alleged rape and beating, according to the authorities.

Meanwhile, her lawyer, Rifat Harb, claims that Lamjarred was “arrested and indicted, and after posting bail, immediately fled the country, and has not returned since.”

Lamjarred is now facing even more serious allegations: The victim has filed a lawsuit against him for monetary damages for “sexual battery and intentional infliction for emotional distress,” and is using his "fugitive" status to her own advantage.

“No one could find him to serve him, the district attorney’s office couldn’t even find him. He should be easy to arrest outside of Morocco, he’s making the rounds in Europe from Milan to Germany now, he can be easily served,” said Harb.

Morocco World News attempted to obtain a statement from Lamjarred or his manager, but received no answer.

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