Ghada Abdul Riziq may be a showstopper, but she's not gonna stop the show

Published May 8th, 2013 - 11:48 GMT
Ghada Abdel Raziq showstopper
Ghada Abdel Raziq showstopper

Actress Ghada Abdul Riziq says tape is still rollin’, and the show will go on for her new series "Hikayet Hayat" (Story of Hayat) after rumors popped around that production was holding up progress on the drama directed by Mohammad Sami.

She assured that she is working every day on the project, completely exhausting herself, in hopes that it will be up and running come Ramadan.

In an interview with Sada Al Bilad, the scandalous actress said : “The part I play requires a lot of self preparation as well as mental preparation. This has put me under a lot of pressure, to play my part well.”

Ghada’s challenging character that Ayman Salameh wrote for her is that of a psychologically disturbed woman by the name of Hayat.

Ghada admitted that she’s still having fun under pressure, saying, “Despite everything, I am enjoying this experience. This role challenges me as an actress, I always accept a challenge I like roles that provoke me.”

The other stars working hard on the series include: Tariq Lutfi, Khalid Saleem, Razan Mughrabi and Najla Bader.

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