Greek mythology meets Egypt entertainment: party with the gods of the biz

Published December 15th, 2014 - 04:28 GMT


Last week something of epic proportions ruined my day. Sahar was voted off the program Al Raqisa. Her skillful and intentional thigh tremors and fake melodramatic tears weren’t the only things that made this news shattering, but also it just happened that two other Egyptians, Mohamed Hamed from So You Think You Can Dance and Mohamed Rashad from Arab Idol were voted off as well.

No doubt mayhem spread throughout the nation’s TV addicts who still believe in the integrity of these shows, I of course being on top of the list after losing Egypt’s top dancers and singer.

Attempting to escape a cruel and mundane Sahar-less world, I started reading The Odyssey by Homer and got lost in a world of Greek mythology. The more I read, the more it hit me, some Egyptians in the entertainment business are just like Greek gods and mythical creatures – they’re powerful, worshiped and triumph overy every hardship our disturbed city throws their way.

We love them and forever will and no one, not even history, will ever vote them off.

So, in the New Year’s mood, let’s celebrate our six, hopefully immortal, party rulers instead of crying over lost talents.


The ruler of the underworld, our very own Tabla owner, Ahmed Wahdan. The underworld is well known for being protected by Hades’ wrath and his infamous three headed hound, Cerberus. Yet in every Greek mythology tale or movie, someone is risking his life just to find the golden tokens that will grant you entry to the place where all your questions are answered.

Tabla has been known for how exceptionally challenging it is to get your name on the guest list. If you don’t know that guy who knows someone whose friend said hi to the owner on the beach two years ago, let’s face it, you are not getting in. Every summer, you meet the guy who risks being turned into stone by his girlfriend’s glare, Medusa style, all while trying to get her access to the belly dancers’ haven.

As for the New Year’s Eve party only weeks away, I have no idea what Tabla or Gù bar for that matter have up their sleeves. and that makes Ahmed Wahdan our torturer, the addictive underworld god and everyone’s favorite bad boy, Hades.

 Dionysus, Amphion and Zethus

Dionysus is the god of wine and festivity. He was considered a jovial partier and patron of music and art, but history never forgot to mention that he was equally the god of ritual madness, frenzy and ecstasy. Ever since I can remember, one name always popped up in my mind when I thought of festivity, music or ecstatic nights, Ahmed Ganzoury.

I simply can’t remember a time when “ByGanz” wasn’t ruling Egypt’s party realm. This year, Egypt has been blessed with a collaboration so big, everyone is simply frantic in true Dionysus fashion.


My very personal favorite god decided to go hand in hand with the twin sons of Zeus, the inseparable Amphion and Zethus. The duo, a musician and a hunter, built the walls of the city of Thebes using the music of a magical golden lyre together with their shrewd strategic moves. They became the city’s joint rulers and two of the fiercest survivors in Greek mythology.

Well, Ahmed Beltagy and Ayman Baky built their own impressive empire, Tamarai, where music pretty much took care of the partygoers’ frame of mind and just as fast as you can say the name “Ganz”, Tamarai became Egypt’s latest obsession. Can your mind even begin to fathom what a joint trinity between Dionysus, Amphion and Zethus means?

If you feel like partying on New Year’s Eve with three Greek sensations, you need to head to TIU for the ultimate retro experience. But don’t expect an easy ride, their city’s gates are just as ferociously guarded as Hades’.


Some beings just aren’t meant for humdrum existence. Centaurs, the fighters of Zeus, have always been considered the epitome of wild and uninhabited mythical creatures. Instead of taming their instincts, the part-horse part-men chose to go back to what is raw, native, primal and basic. They chose to show the gods of Olympus, demigods and mortals what a good time really means.

Egypt’s very own Centaur, Ismail Fouad Kassem, keeps taking us all “Back 2 Basics”. His party series became fabulously popular, where hundreds of die-hard party animals unleash their inner beasts. For your New Year’s Eve, if you seek a wild night with wicked music and an over-the-top venue, book your ticket to Sharm El-Sheikh and pray the gods of heavens and hell that the infamous Pacha isn’t fully booked yet.


Crowned as the god of seas and ruler of water, Poseidon demonstrated power and benevolence equally. One of his treasured possessions was a trident so powerful, it could shake the earth to its core, which earned him the name “Earth Shaker”.

Someone who has been shaking Egypt’s Red Sea lately is Tamer Banna. Egypt’s Poseidon has been linked to many successful parties in El Gouna as one of the most recognized names of the party scene at the posh getaway.

For some seaside festivities on New Year’s Eve, party next to the water master at “Ancient Sands” with a royal theme that truly fits an aquatic god.

WE SAID THIS: Massive parties not your style? For a more exclusive NYE, cruise the Nile in style with Ashibah and Trans Egypt Travel.


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