Haifa Wehbe shakes things up again - literally - on "This is Talk" with Adel Karam

Published March 6th, 2014 - 09:11 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

The show is aptly named for what went down, we'll give them that. "This is Talk" (Hayda Haki) hosted by Adel Karam certainly gave viewers lots to chat about this week.

It's no surprise really that with Haifa Wehbe on deck, she'd have some fans screaming her praise, while others mourn just how debased she's become. She's a walking basket of controversy, no doubt about it.

The “Halawet Rouh” star didn't disappoint with her guest appearance on the Lebanese comedian's TV show.

Sayidaty.net's take on the episode appealed to those that were shocked by her seductive moves, shocking revelations, and level of profanity that brought to recall the incident aired in Ramadan on Ramiz Jalal's prank show where she cursed him and expressed her extreme anger with expletives that shall go unnamed.

The online magazine reports it was a heated one with many sexual connotations and sleazy remarks, like when she told Haifa haters to kiss her posterior, turning around and pointing to her back side. Not turned off by these manuevers, Adel actually appeared aroused. Awkward! 

During the episode, Haifa dished about her own beauty, elegance, and the house she bought just to store her shoes. She also revealed that she has three tattoos: one on her back, another on her ankle, and a third pointing to a naughty concealed spot on her body.

Critics of the show suggested she didn't value herself, but rather left the impression that she's not all that she was cracked up to be.

Taking a look at Twitter, au contraire, exposes fanses ecstatic by the starlet's performance on the episode. The show's guest himself definitely liked it, posting, " it was my pleasure ya hayete, u r an elegant, classy and smart global star... U made our night and more success to come together."

She seemed pretty self-pleased too, Tweeting, "I'm so thrilled... was an amazing host, so much fun, positive vibes were spread last night...xoxo."

What's your opinion on Haifa's latest piece of gossip-worthy material? Are you agahst and amused by her TV show appearance. Please share in the comment box below.

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