Haifa Wehbe angrily waves goodbye to her 800 thousand Instagram followers

Published August 3rd, 2014 - 11:52 GMT

Haifa Wehbe is angry. Very angry.

"Bye bye, very soon, Instagram," Haifa wrote.

And that's how Haifa said goodbye to Instagram! The Lebanese diva deleted her account after getting absolutely fed up with some people's annoying and inappropriate comments on her (some say) controversial pix!

Haifa is known for her very daring style and sexual attitude that many find inappropriate for the Arab world. But the singer is so care-free and has never been bothered by what anyone thought or had to say about her in the past.

Only now, it might be down to her getting older and grumpier, or simply because some people may have overdone it with their silly and rude comments about her lifestyle and fashion choices, that she's just decided to create a new Insta account for her close friends ONLY!

The diva ranted on saying, "That's what the people want; they want pictures of pigs, not superstars. Please don't comment on this picture as it doesn't contain anything about my beauty and youth to 'burn your hearts with...' don't worry, I'm going to create a new account for my friends alone... I'll strip, wear and say what I want, only then whoever has anything to say to me can bite me in the..."

So, unless you're a close friend of Haifa's, don't expect to be double-tapping any of her Insta pix any time soon!


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