Hakim against female dancers in video clips

Published June 9th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian singer Hakim arrived to Kuwait after being invited by Sheikh Talal Fahed Al-Ahmad, head of the Olympic committee, for a visit. Hakim held a press conference at the airport revealing that his visit is private and is just to visit some very close friends. 


According to the Kuwaiti based daily, Al Watan Hakim expressed his deep feelings of appreciation to the Kuwaiti people. He also revealed that the reason for not holding many concerts in Kuwait was due to his work contracts in so many places throughout the world. 


Hakim explained that his continuous duets with well-known international singers are to promote the Arab singing and make it known to the world. He also added that Janet Jackson did not refuse to sing with him and whole story was Janet had done a song entitled “walk like an Egyptian” after the events of September 11th but the song was banned in the USA. Hakim offered Janet to sing the same song with her as a duet and she agreed and it's ready now in three languages, just waiting to be registered. The third version is sung in Spanish by singer Paullina Ruby. 


With regards to the dispute between the two composers Muhammad Raheem and Hassan Ish Ish over the song “eh da” (What is This) Hakim said that he had no idea about it and that it is the responsibility of the production company. 


Hakim added that he enhanced the Arabic song and made it reach world ears by singing duets with famous world singers like James Brown and Steve Wonder. The singer added that even though he is trying to add a western touch to his songs he criticized video clips and said that he does not like the new video clips where girls show up with seductive dresses and even with belly dancing outfits, he also added that this is against our Arab traditions. 


Hakim concluded by saying that he cannot evaluate other colleagues because he is being evaluated as well, and expressed his respect to Ahmed Adaweya who criticized him in a previous interview.  


The music industry recently witnessed the launching of a new duet, written by Hisham Abdul Rahim and composed by Mohammad Siraj, by Hakim and American singer James Brown that blends Western and Eastern styles in one. At the same time, Hakim is in the process of preparing for his first acting experience in the film “Ali Spicy”, which is a comedy drama. The singer will begin shooting the scenes in the very near future alongside Egyptian actress Sumaya Al Khashab.  


Hakim announced that he is also busy these days trying to cut deals with a number of international female singers to sing duets with. The singer revealed that he is hoping to reach an agreement with American pop star Whitney Houston for his upcoming duet, which he already began preparing for. –Albawaba.com 

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