Hanan Turk too busy to fight for women’s rights

Published June 28th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Despite the various obstacles facing director Mohammed Fadel his new drama “Misr al-Gadida” (New Egypt) he was able to over come the high wages of the actors. Fadel succeeded in convincing Izzat Alaili to have a 27% raise on his wage instead of 40% , meanwhile prominent actor Mahmoud Yassin refused to participate in the drama unless his wage is doubled. The producers could not accept his demand and so he is not participating and attempts are currently taking place to find another actor to replace him. 


The production of the drama is a joint venture between executive producer Mohammed Sha'ban and the media production city. The total cost of the drama is 6 million EGP for 25 broadcasting hours. The drama talks about the life of the late Huda Sha’rawi and the important patriot role she played in founding the women movement in Egypt and her efforts to establish the international women association. 


Egyptian actresses Hanan Turk and Muna Zaki apologized to director Mohammad Fadel for not being able to participate in the drama because of other commitments. Both of them were nominated to perform Huda Sha’rawi as a young girl in her beginnings. Hanan revealed that it would have been an honor to perform such a role, but her current workload cannot permit taking a new role. Prominent actress and wife of director Mohammed Fadel, Fardous Abdul Hameed, agreed to perform the role of Huda Sha’rawi in her later life stages in the second part of the drama. 


The remaining problem facing Mohammed Fadel is finding an actress to do the role of Huda Sha’rawi as a young woman because most of the actresses are currently busy preparing Ramadan dramas. 


[Misr al-Gadida] includes a big group of talented actors and actresses like Hamdi Gaith, Ahmed Bideir, Huda Sultan, Ahmed Rateb, in addition to 15 new faces. Filming is expected to start next April in the media production city. Sayed Higab will do the poems and Farouq Sharnoubi will do program music. –Albawaba.com 

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