Hande Erçel's sister attacks Syrians

Published February 19th, 2023 - 11:35 GMT
Hande Erçel's sister attacks Syrians
Gamze shares racist tweet

ALBAWABA - Last week, famous Turkish actress Hande Erçel joined a group of Turkish celebrities to raise money and donations to those affected by the earthquake that hit Turkey.  

Many Turkish stars provided material assistance, some of them personally assisted in the preparation of aid in charitable societies, and others held a live broadcast on the Internet to collect donations.

Among the stars who held a live broadcast was Hande Erçel, and her colleague, Burak Deniz. The pair went live on Instagram to collect donations and help to the victims of the earthquake. 

While Erçel was doing her charity work, her sister, Gamze Erçel took to her social media account to stir up controversy over what people called a "racist tweet."

A Twitter user shared : "The Syrians in Turkey are taking all the donations, and nothing is left for the Turkish people." Gamze went on to like the Tweet, which automatically becomes on her feed.


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