Hani Salama admits to being a Casanova before marriage

Published January 8th, 2012 - 06:56 GMT
Hani Salama
Hani Salama

Egyptian actor Hani Salama admitted that the role he plays in his new film “Wahad Saheeh” (One Right) is very similar to his real life character before he had gotten married. Hani said that his character in the film, which had given rise to controversy, exists in society and the story of the film is not taken from someone’s imagination but reflects reality.


According to the internet website MBC.net, Hani said that his character in the film was basically a Casanova that jumps from one relationship to the next without looking back. His character has numerous intimate relationships and one of the relationships is with a married woman, played by actress Rania Yousif, who falls for him after discovering that her husband is a homosexual.


Hani said that he was very much like his character in the film, but before he settled down and gotten married. He stressed that after marriage he became a completely new man one that is devoted to the woman he loves, which is the opposite of his role in the film.

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