Hani of all trades: Shaker masters the Khaliji accent for his first ever Gulf album

Published October 10th, 2013 - 08:11 GMT
Hani Shaker is releasing his first ever Gulf album. (Image: Facebook)
Hani Shaker is releasing his first ever Gulf album. (Image: Facebook)

As we speak, renowned Egyptian singer Hani Shaker has got his hands stuck into a million projects at once. But he isn't letting that affect the great quality of each one of them.

The singer is currently busy focussing on his debut into the acting world through the TV drama “Madraset El Hub” (School of Love).

But singing is his original passion, and Hani has just put the final touches on his first ever Gulf album “Aghla Bashar” (The Dearest of People).

The star admitted that the 'Gulf album move' came at a very late stage in his career, despite the fact that he enjoys a strong fanbase in the region.

According to Laha Magazine, Hani felt that it was time to go ahead with this album as a token of his appreciation to his Gulf fans, with a selection of songs of the highest of standards.

Hani said: “The decision to sing with a Gulf accent wasn't easy for me. I had to undergo extensive lessons to master the accent in order to meet my fans' expectations.”

Hani's first Gulf album features ten songs in collaboration with a number of renowned song poets and composers like Aseer Al Riyadh, Yaser Majed and Mahmoud Khayami.

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