Hannan Turk throws in the towel

Published August 4th, 2012 - 12:49 GMT
Hanan Turk
Hanan Turk

Egyptian actress, Hannan Turk, has decided to permanently retire from the world of acting after deciding that her religous principles were not compatible with her choice of career. She told reporters that her role as Sister Teresa in the TV drama of the same name would be her last. 

Despite criticism from fans, Hanan had maintained that she could continue to work as an actress since putting on the hijab last year but this week she told AlArabiya that the internal struggle had gotten too much for her. 

The actress said she expected to receive further criticism for her latest decision to retire, especially as she had taken on roles while wearing the hijab before. But she said she had fulfilled her ambitions as an actress and was now content to devote herself to charitable works. 


Do you think women wearing the hijab should act? Are the two incompatible? Tell us what you think below. 

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