'He Died Poor'! Shocking Report About Maradona's Fortune in the Bank

Published November 29th, 2020 - 09:17 GMT
'He Died Poor'! Shocking Report About Maradona's Fortune in the Bank

New reports have revealed yesterday the shocking number of the late Argentine legend Diego Maradona's fortune, after it was believed that he had left hundreds of millions of dollars in banks.

Corriere della Sera Italian newspaper reported, quoting journalist Luis Ventura who was close to Maradona, that the late man did not leave a large sum, indicating that he "died poor" despite the fortune he made throughout promotion business with brands.

In addition to annually receiving nearly $20 million as an honorary president of Dynamo Brest in Belarus, and overseeing trainings at a number of clubs.


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Luis Ventura added: "he died leaving in his bank balance less than $100K" relating that to living a lavish lifestyle as well as to generosity, as many took advantage of this trait of Maradona to obtain money from him.

Experts described Maradona's financial situation as ambiguous and there is a battle looming over his inheritance and other assets that he possesses.

Corriere della Sera explained that Maradona owns properties and real estate, including a building and apartments in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in addition to 6 luxury cars, investments in Cuba and Italy, football schools in China, as well as rights to personal photos that will remain in effect until after his death.

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