'He Infected Me With HPV After Sleeping With Prostitutes'! Rawan Bin Hussain Is Divorcing Her Libyan Husband

Published July 15th, 2020 - 07:27 GMT
'He Infected Me With HPV After Sleeping With Prostitutes'! Rawan Bin Hussain Is Divorcing Her Lybian Husband

Rawan is sharing intimate details about her marriage.

Few hours ago, Kuwaiti fashionista Rawan Bin Hussain posted a series of Stories on Instagram, revealing interesting details about her health condition and marriage.

Rawan started her story by writing: "Wanna hear an interesting story?"

She continued: "Since everyone has been exposing their 'harassers,' I would like to share my story too."

"So since I announced my engagement with Mohamed Youssef Migariaf, who is also my current husband and father of my child, everyone is pretty shocked. Today I'm here to explain this without filter & I'm hoping people especially Middle Easterners who still follow the worst traditionally ruled would understand me."

Bin Hussain went on saying: "Every time I got upset, I was blamed for his mistakes. I was called out as a crazy; psychotic, unstable person because I caught the father of my baby daughter with prostitutes. I was mentally abused that I went to therapy, because I thought I am unstable. But reality is, my husband is a narcissistic psychopath. Despite all of that, I still tried to work this out. Call it Stockholm Syndrome but I did fall in love with my abuser."

"And the main reason why I couldn't walk away is because I saw how aggressive people were.. They assumed I'm divorced and pointed fingers at me, which only made the situation worse.. I was scared of what they'd say... and How they'd react... which forced me to stay in a toxic, abusive relationship and made me trade my sanity for 'my followers.'"

"So now to let everyone know, I'm very proud to say I am divorcing my husband who also gave me HPV Type 16 because he sleeps with random prostitutes. If this will make me 'less of a human being' then that's totally fine."

"I'm super excited for my new chapter. And can't wait for my start!"

"And to every girl who is going through an abusive relationship, please don't compromise your wellness for anything. I destroyed my well being for what I though was love and for my daughter. Now I know my daughter would be better off without a father than to have someone who never had her back. And I will love you Luna enough that you will not need anyone else."

"I haven't seen Luna for a month as I'm trying to get her a passport, soon I will be back with my baby."

"And FYI, I've started my campaigns Stay At Home With RAWAN, Rawan Cooks & Rawan's Weight Loss Challenge as if everything was fine when my whole world was upside down .. Days after my daughter's delivery. Social media can never tell you what's really happening.. Be gentle with others cuz you never know what they're going through."

"And also since I gave birth, 'my followers' were criticizing the fact that I was out running from a shoot to another ... as a single mother I have even sold my jewelry to secure my daughter's future .. I was terrified of how much the hospital fees will be or whether she will be healthy or not. This only made me understand how much love I have for this little girl before I even met her. I would take a bullet for her."

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