Hit the road Sherine Abdel Wahab! Egyptian singer banned from singing in Kuwait!

Published September 29th, 2014 - 12:25 GMT

There's one singer who won't be performing in Kuwait this Eid Al Adha and that's Egyptian superstar Sherine Abdel Wahab.

Oh no, what's she done now?

Well, nothing! And technically speaking, she won't be the only Arab singer unable to perform in Kuwait this holiday either!

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information has decided to only allow Kuwaiti and Gulf singers to perform in Kuwait this Eid! Without revealing the reasons behind the unusual decision, an insider source from the Ministry pointed out that the decision is temporary, not permanent!

But don't fret Kuwaiti residents, you can still enjoy a super duper concert on the first day of this holiday with Mutraf Mutraf and Kuwaiti superstar Abdullah Al Rowaished.

If those two aren't your cup of tea, then another concert by Kuwaiti singer Nabeel Shuail and Iraqi singer Majed Al Muhandis is scheduled for the second day of eid! 

Before you ask, Majid is only allowed to perform because he holds a Saudi Arabian passport. Darn!

Both concerts are organized by the regional production company "Rotana." However, the production company "Solitaire" had already prepared for a concert for both Sherine and Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny in Kuwait this Eid; needless to say, they've had to cancel both.

The furious starlet is reportedly filing a lawsuit against the Ministry for refusing to give her the go-ahead on her concert.

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