Holy Hourani? Think before you judge Dominique for attending that Quran-memorizing event

Published April 20th, 2015 - 10:38 GMT
Dominique dressed modestly at the Quran event in the UAE. (Image: Facebook)
Dominique dressed modestly at the Quran event in the UAE. (Image: Facebook)

When thinking about the Holy Quran, for most people, sassy Lebanese artist Dominique Hourani doesn't usually follow that train of thought... unless you live in Opposite World!

But in the real world, hundreds of social media users were outraged when Hourani posted pictures from a children's Quran-memorizing event she had attended in Dubai.

Why? It's no secret that Dominique doesn't come across as Miss Goody Two-Shoes. No judging Hourani here, but taking one good look at the revealing clothes she wears in photo shoots or at the way she seductively flirts in music videos is enough to give off that impression!

The singer was bombarded with hundreds of judgmental comments on Facebook. One person disrespectfully called Dominique a "wh*re," while others questioned how much she really knew about the Quran and its teachings.

But here's a thought to those acting holier than thou: did you ever think that Dominique may be trying to show you a different side to her? The side that respects other religions, appreciates children's talents and is willing to take time out for a good cause.

Some had more faith in Dominique than others. A good number of well-wishers (perhaps patronisingly) praised her goodwill efforts and prayed that God would "guide her to the right path."

The event organizers could have invited someone as wholesome as Lebanese icon Majida el Roumi to honor those kids, but they must have seen something in Dominique that others didn't.

"I'm proud of the little kids who have memorized the Holy Quran, especially those who memorized all of it. No person's heart feels comforted with inner peace except for when they read verses from the Quran," Hourani wrote on Facebook.

The Quran-memorizing race was held at the Dubai Police Officers Club and was organized by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.


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