'I Am Stronger Than Ever' Al Bawaba EXCLUSIVE Interview With Palestinian Singer Lian Bazlamit

Published July 8th, 2019 - 10:51 GMT
Lian Bazlamit managed to reach an advanced stage in the program Star Academy Source lianbazlamit.official Instagram
Lian Bazlamit managed to reach an advanced stage in the program 'Star Academy' (Source: lianbazlamit.official - Instagram)

Interview and foreword by Sohaib Al-Hadid


You most probably remember the Palestinian participant in talent show 'Star Academy' in its 8th Season. Lian Bazlamit managed to reach an advanced stage in the program and released the hit song 'Allah Ysbrne Alek'.

To know more about the reason behind her absence and her upcoming projects check this Al Bawaba exclusive interview with the Palestinian singer.

First of all, what is the reason for your absence and why did you decide to make a come back now?
I'm back after five years, I chose to focus on my family in the beginning and was extremely happy with my decision, and now after I got divorced I chose to be in the limelight again.


People remember you as a star Academy participant, and it was an important phase in your career, today do you feel angry when people said this is Lian Bazlmait from star Academy?
Definitely not, My fan base was built in 'Star Academy' program, but everything has it own time and I prefer to be known as Palestinian singer Lian Bazlmait now although I cherish my experience in the 'Star Academy' a lot.

Are you communicating with your colleagues from 'Star Academy'?
Yes, I am still in contact with Omayma Taleb, Sarah Farah , Nina Abdel Malak, Mohammed Dakdouk, Ahmed Ezzat, Rahma Riyad , Maria Sarkis, Laith Abu Jouda... I don't want to forget anyone, you can say there is a few of them that I am still in contact with.

Did you find the right balance between Marriage, family, and being a celebrity or are you still working on finding that?
I'm not anymore, my family consists of my baby boy and as for being a celebrity I have found the balance needed and is extremely happy with that.

What are the closest new songs to your heart?
'Min Bayn El Kil" from my songs and if you are asking about songs for others, Sherine Abdel Wahab's song "Ya Betfaker Ya Bethis' and Hussam Jneid's song 'Foti Bi Alaqa', and I wished if Sherine's song was mine.

(Source: lianbazlamit.official - Instagram)

What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
For my upcoming projects, I'm looking for a summery fresh happy song and most probably it will be in a Khaliji accent, as I have talked to Bahrani poet Samar to discuss the project already and would like to send my greetings to her via your website. I'm still listening to a few songs and didn't make any decisions yet.

Finally, what do you promise the fans who are so excited about your comeback?

I promise my fans that I will be stronger than I have ever been, and I would like to thank Albawaba for this interview and the lovely questions and hopefully, it would not be our last encounter.

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