'I Have Faith in Him'! Demet Özdemir Desperately Defends Can Yaman's Nudity Scenes in Bay Yanlış

Published June 29th, 2020 - 12:05 GMT
'I Have Faith in Him'! Demet Özdemir Desperately Defends Can Yaman For His Nudity Scenes in Bay Yanlış

Turkish actress Demet Özdemir has strongly defended her colleague Can Yaman, who has been harshly criticized for his audacious scenes in his new series Bay Yanlış "Mr. Wrong."

Yaman appeared half-naked in more than one scene only in the first episode of the series, to be criticized that Mr. Wrong does not present any new or interesting plot.

Amidst these criticisms, Demet Özdemir broke her silence and defended Can, saying: "Wait to see several episodes before you judge the series."

She added: "You cannot judge a series from its first episode. You must see more than one episode to make a fair judgement."

Yaman's "Early Bird" co-star continued: "Can is my friend, I love and I respect him a lot, and he is very hardworking and famous, and I realize the people's love for him."

Demet stressed that Can Yaman will advance and succeed over time, and concluded her statements by saying: "I have faith in him."


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