'I Learned My Lesson'! Bassma Boussel Backs Down on Divorcing Tamer Hosny

Published November 15th, 2020 - 09:18 GMT
'I Learned My Lesson'! Bassma Boussel Backs Down on Divorcing Tamer Hosny

Moroccan fashion designer and retired singer Bassma Boussel has retreated her decision to divorce her husband, Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny, stressing that people make mistakes and they re-think things.

Bassma said in a tweet: "Every person makes mistakes and retreats, thinks and recounts his calculations, and recognizes that it was a mistake, so he retracts many decisions taken in difficult times that could have ruined his life."

Boussel continued: "I learned a lot from experience, and I learned that not all people have inner peace in order to wish good for others, and may our Lord keeps the eyes of the fighting people away, and in the end may he preserves my husband and children."

Boussel’s decision to retract came after reconciliation mediators had interferred between her and her husband Tamer, following a quarrel as a result of Bassma's extreme jealousy on Tamer after she saw him with female fans.

It's been reported that Bassma had received "fabricated" pictures of Tamer Hosny with female admirers. So she was furious and wrote a tweet on Friday announcing her separation from him.

On Friday, Bassma tweeted: "For all the people who send me pictures and videos of Tamer and see him treating me without respect, please stop sending them because I don't care about any pictures. I would also like to let you know that we have been separated for a while and we are preparing the divorce papers ... Please respect the feelings of each one of us, and at least please stop sending me anything, and good luck to everybody."

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