'I'm Infected With a Halal Coronavirus! Amal Arafa Reveals She Tested Positive For COVID-19

Published August 4th, 2020 - 07:02 GMT
'I'm Infected With a Halal Coronavirus's Daughter'! Amal Arafa Reveals She Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Syrian actress Amal Arafa has revealed that she tested positive for Coronavirus.

In a lengthy post she wrote on Facebook, Amal joked: "5 doctors so far have confirmed my infection with a halal Coronavirus, and since I am a daughter of halal (decent girl in Arabic) and believe in the will of God, I am strong and I deal with my condition as if it was a flu."

She added: "I am fine, and whatever God intended will happen. The mask has been my friend, sanitizers and chlorine were almost my favorite perfumes, I did not contact anyone, so there is no reason for a creature who contacted me on the street to worry about any infection."

Arafa continued: "We will all be infected with Coronavirus. Pay attention to the elderly ... pay attention to chronic diseases' patients, be aware of recklessness, after a few days I will recover, and I will come back to continue filming."

Amal concluded saying: "Enjoy! I've been saying my entire life that life is a joke, but sometimes it can be a vapid one, we are only guests, and this is my persuasion before Coronavirus. I wish great safety to Syria. Thanks to doctors who communicate around the clock with me to prevent the virus from reaching my lungs. All; depend on immunity. Trust medicine, science and have faith."

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