Jalal Al Taweel abused by Syrian police

Published December 22nd, 2011 - 10:08 GMT
Jalal Al Taweel
Jalal Al Taweel

Syrian actor Jalal Al Taweel appeared covered in blood after he was severely beaten by Syrian police and members of the military for taking part in a demonstration in the heart of Damascus calling for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar Al Asad.


Jalal said that when he was leaving the demonstration, he was surprised by a group of police and military members suddenly attacked him and began beating and cursing him. The attackers had said upon seeing him that this is the actor who wants to topple the current government and bring America to rule the country. They began grabbing at every object they could find to hit him with and then dragged him to one of the police stations and resumed torturing him.


Jalal stated that he was treated for his wounds at one of the local hospitals that sympathized with protesters after he was rejected by another government hospital for the fact that he supported demonstrators and was against the current regime.


The actor posted on his page on one of the social networks that blood will win over the sword and he is very happy to have suffered such torture for the sake of speaking his mind. Jalal also posted an accusation against the current government regime that is torturing people for asking for their rights to live in a democratic country.


Jalal stated that he considers artists are a strong weapon in the face of the regime and despite the fact that there are a large number of artists who are pro-Bashar Al Asad, there are a large number that oppose him and oppose his unjust rule.

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