Jason Derulo Slams Instagram For Removing a Picture He Posted

Published December 5th, 2019 - 09:04 GMT
The 30-year-old branded the move 'discriminatory', and added he 'can't help his size.' 
The 30-year-old branded the move 'discriminatory', and added he 'can't help his size.' 
Jason Derulo has lashed out at Instagram for taking down a raunchy photo he shared with fans. 

The 30-year-old singer is fuming that the site deleted the shot - which saw him pose in a pair of eye-popping underpants - because it breached their 'nudity and sexual activity' guidelines, and he's now petitioning to bring back the bulge. 

The 30-year-old branded the move 'discriminatory', and added he 'can't help his size.' 

Taking to his Instagram account, the 'Swalla' hitmaker uploaded a screenshot of the warning he received from Instagram and captioned it: 'F*k u mean? I have underwear on... I can't help my size.. #bringbackAnaconda' 

The handsome star left fans feeling a little hot under the collar last week when he shared the sexy image - which showed off his killer abs, bulging biceps and his toned thighs - and bragged about the size of his manhood when fans questioned what he had hiding in his pants. 


One social media user wanted to know what the 'Talk Dirty' hitmaker had in his underwear.

To which Jason replied: 'Anaconda' - referencing one of the largest snakes in the world.

This isn't the first time Jason has caused a stir as he recently called for marijuana to be legalised as the drug can be 'really helpful' for those struggling with serious pain.

He said at the time: 'I think it's really helpful in so many ways.

'I've watched people suffer and with marijuana, the suffering gets to be subsided a little bit.

'That's from personal experiences.

'So for me, I know it's a humongous help for people and I think it should be legalised.'

But while he thinks cannabis can be helpful, the 'Tip Toe' singer is strict on his alcohol consumption because he doesn't want to cause any damage to his vocal cords.

He explained: 'I do still party, it's just how much I am drinking, I really pay attention to that, especially when I'm on the road and I have back-to-back shows.

'As a young artist I would get fatigued during these performances and I couldn't realise why.

'Partying is fine as long as you're not screaming during the night because that's going to strain your voice, and not drinking too much. I'd say I have about three drinks on a night out.'


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