Jennifer Aniston And Ellen DeGeneres Shared a Lip Kiss on TV

Published October 28th, 2019 - 08:15 GMT
The kiss comes two weeks after Ellen kissed Howard Stern
The kiss comes two weeks after Ellen kissed Howard Stern
Jennifer Aniston and Ellen have sealed their friendship with a kiss.

On the upcoming edition of Ellen's talk show Monday, she and the perennial A-lister, 50, share a smooch, which comes two weeks after Ellen kissed Howard Stern on the program.

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Aniston, currently appearing on the Apple TV series The Morning, prodded Ellen about the kiss with a zeal the King of All Media himself would have appreciated.

'Did you enjoy it? How was it? Were you nervous? Did you kind of get into it?' said the actress, best known for playing Rachel Green on the 90s NBC hit Friends.

'I mean, it was - it was pleasant,' said Ellen, who's been married to actress Portia de Rossi since 2008.

Aniston asked Ellen, 'When was the last time you kissed a guy?'

Ellen said, 'Why is everyone so shocked? I kiss guys, I kiss guys like that, I don't make out with guys, but I kiss guys on the lips - when was the last time you kissed a girl on the lips?'

Aniston took a second to think over her answer - and said, 'I don't kiss girls on the lips, no ...' with a hesitance - at which point Ellen leaned in, and the actress and the talk show host shared a smooch.

'That's what they wanted to see; they've been wanting that for years!' Ellen said.

Aniston told her pal, 'You have very soft lips,' to which Ellen said, 'So do you, that's why I do what I do!'

She added, 'No razor burns, soft lips,' to which Aniston replied, 'I get it.'

In the aforementioned episode of Ellen with Stern earlier this month, the SiriusXM host proposed the idea of a kiss as a means to distract from the controversy Ellen dealt with after she was pictured taking in a Dallas Cowboys home game alongside former president George W. Bush.

'What you need to do, is take a picture with me - making out with me!' Stern, 65, told Ellen. 'Now just hear me out ... once people see me with you, no one's gonna be thinking about George Bush ... this is the picture that's gonna make America forget that you were sitting next to George W. Bush - you're so smart to do this.'

After the duo kissed, Stern exclaimed, 'Wait a second ... there was ... I think there was tongue ... I felt you pushing a little - I'm a married man!'

In the chat with Aniston, Ellen referenced how both have come to land in Stern's social circles after he'd trashed them on his radio show for years.

'I think it's surprising that we both like him and are friends with him; at one point, we may not have been ... he was mean for a while,' said Ellen.

Aniston replied, 'He was, a long time ago, that was his angle ... [now,] he's a big drink of tall sweet water ... tall dark and handsome, sweet water.'


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