Jennifer Aniston be-FRIENDS glitzy barman in new Emirates ad

Published October 7th, 2015 - 08:42 GMT

Arabian Gazette reported in August earlier this year about how Hollywood is eyeing the Middle Eastern airlines. Indeed, Emirates Airlines, based out of Dubai, has come out with a witty digital and television advertisement starring Jennifer Aniston.

The newly-released advertisement shows Aniston walking around in bathrobe on board an unidentified carrier. Aniston is mocked by the flight attendants over her demand for showers on the flight.

And then of course, the nightmare ends and we get to see the actor narrating her harrowing dream to an on-flight bartender on Emirates.

Aniston is said to have signed a five million dollar deal to appear in the advert.

It is an open secret that not all is well between US airlines and the Gulf carriers. This dig by Emirates on the service provided by the US airlines (America, Delta and United) will not help the situation much.

While Aniston might not win the Oscar for Comedy with this advert, it does show the increasing troubled airs between the US flights on one side and Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways on the other.

The US airlines have been alleging that the unfair state aids help the Gulf carriers in terms of additional fleet. News reports have been talking about the lobbyists trying to block the Gulf airlines from adding any new flights to the United States.

The Middle Eastern airlines claim that it is the customer service that makes them a favourite among the customers.

Let us wait and see if Emirates’ efforts to win over the US market come true with Aniston or not.

We wonder what do the US airlines think about Jen’s amusing musings in Emirates Ad? 

Over to you! what do you think about this new advertisement from Emirates Airline? Good strategy or bad?

Source: Arabian Gazette

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