Joelle shares intimate details about her sex life

Published March 5th, 2023 - 12:10 GMT
Joelle shares intimate details about her sex life
t she was shocked by sexual relationship

ALBAWABA - Lebanese make-up artist Joelle Mardinian revealed intimate secrets with her husband from inside the bedroom, and opened up about their relationship.

Joelle Mardinian shared details about the relationship she has with her husband, and talked about the sexual culture he had.

The TV personality admitted that she did not know anything about sex nor sexuality, and was not aware about sexual relationships. 

The revelations were introduced during the first episode of her podcast, where she hosted a sex-ed doctor, Mardinian said that when she got married, she did not know anything about the sexual connection between spouses.

She shared that she was shocked by the sexual relationship and the changes that could occur, and she did not even know what the private parts of a man looked like. 

Mardinian confirmed that this matter caused her trauma and had to go to a therapist to explain to her the truth of what happens during sex.

She added that when she gave birth to her first son, "Bailey", she did not accept the idea that she would breastfeed her son in front of her mother or anyone, and even that she did not accept that her husband would touch her breasts.

She then asked the doctor to share with her advice on how to talk to her 11-year old child about sex education.

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