Jumana Murad celebrates her Egyptian success in Damascus

Published November 16th, 2007 - 01:43 GMT

Syrian actress Jumana Murad is living a moment of great happiness for the showing of her new drama series “Sa’at Asari”. This drama series is considered to be her first leading role on the Egyptian channel. The airing of her new series comes at a time when the Ramadan hectic schedule is over with.

 In the coming few days a new Egyptian movie which Jumana has started in will be released and it is called “Lahthat Onothah” (Feminine Moments). The film is written by Hani Issa and directed by Munis Al Shorbaji. Alongside Jumana, Ibrahim Yusri Ola Ghanem and the Opera singer Ajfan Al Amir and the Lebanese singer Mira played leading roles.

 The movie storyline revolves around four girls “Muna, Amira, Layali and Salma” where they are still in school and the four of them are very close friends. Each is dreaming of a bright future and when they finish their studies they all separate. Fate brings them back together after a number of years have passed. Jumana plays the role of Muna the romantic writer.

 According to the London daily Elaph, on a different note, during the International Film Festival, Jumana celebrated her great success in the Egyptian film “Al Shayateen” (The Devils). Sharif Munir, Dolly Shaheen, Khaled Zaki and Tilat Zain had leading roles in the film. The film got great and positive response from critics and fans alike.

 Jumana held a party at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus and there were over 200 guests who were present at the Damascus International Cinema Festival. Famous Lebanese singer Ragheb Alameh sang for Jumana’s guests. There were a large number of famous Egyptian celebrities like Mirvat Amin, Laila Elwi, Nelly, Mahmoud Hameda, Sharif Munir, Khaled Abu Al Naja, Dalia Al Bihairi and many more.

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