Kadem Al Saher explains the dark story behind his body ink

Published April 7th, 2015 - 01:33 GMT

We know and love Kadem Al Saher for both his dreamy voice and his gorgeous good looks. One part of his image we've always been curious about is his wicked sweet tattoo. It's not all that common for an Arab star to sport some permanent body ink, so we're curious what caused the superstar to break out the needle.

At age 57, Kadem is clearly confident enough share the secret behind the markings on his chest. He dished the dark deets on the MBC1 TV show “Khaleeha Alena”.

According to Al Jaras, the story takes us back to the Iraqi American war when forces were bombing houses near him in Baghdad. Despite the danger, his creative genius was still flowing as he composed the music for “Madrasat alhob”. With his home and his own future uncertain, Kadem knew the potential for his work to be destroyed was great.

He had the melody tattooed to his chest, so it would never be lost.

Thank goodness both he and his music lived on! Check out his rags to riches story here.


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