Rags to riches story: Kadem Al Saher on ‘The One I Love’

Published September 16th, 2013 - 08:23 GMT
Yousra Mahnoush stood alongside her former mentor Kadem Al Saher once more.
Yousra Mahnoush stood alongside her former mentor Kadem Al Saher once more.

He might be rich, talented, and famous now, but ‘The Voice’ judge Kadem Al Saher shared all about his humble beginnings on set of a new TV show hosted by one of his former talent show hopefuls. Tunisian singer Yousra Mahnoush was a finalist on his show and has made it big as seen on the debut of "Mahboubi Ana" (The One I Love).

Yousra gave her former judge and mentor props as she introduced to the audience, "When I participated in the program 'the Voice' my hopes were to be chosen by Kadem Al Saher and I thank God that my wish was fulfilled. He chose me and I chose him, I, Yousra Mahnoush and Kadem Al Saher is "Mahboubi Ana".

After making fans smile performing several songs, Kadem used his voice to share his heartwarming story of growing up in poverty in a family that loved music. His first musical instrument he learned in a matter of months, and even composed his first song "Zeedini Ishkan" (Give me more Love) at the young age of 11.

His determination and talent led him through six years at a music institute, after which he finally released his work.

The songster’s got more music up his sleeve too. He still owns the rights to several poems by the late legendary Lebanese poet Nizar Qabani that will one day see the light!

His advice to singers and celebs just starting out? Make sure to balance family and career. He admitted to regret from spending so much time away from his little ones due to work demands.

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