Lana Del Rey Admires Ariana Grande's Vivid Energy

Published October 15th, 2019 - 10:19 GMT
Lana also spoke fondly about Jack Antonoff
Lana also spoke fondly about Jack Antonoff
Lana Del Rey has praised Ariana Grande for her vivid energy.

The 34-year-old singer collaborated with Ariana on new track 'Don't Call Me Angel' - which also features Miley Cyrus - and has praised the fellow singer for being "very good at not thinking twice" and having the energy to go with her gut instinct.

Speaking during a performance at the Grammy Museum over the weekend, she said: "She's very good at not thinking twice. Maybe I'm wrong and she questions herself, but I'm very much in my head. She's very much in her body. You can see it in that baseline physicality. She's just super fast and on fire all the time."

Lana also spoke fondly about Jack Antonoff, who helped her put together her latest album, 'Norman F***ing Rockwell'.

She added: "He's as easy as I am. I don't really care if we talk all day and nothing happens. I just feel like if we're there, we're supposed to be there. Sometimes we just talk s**t all day. It's easy in that way. He never comes in and is like, 'Let's write a hit!' Because I hate that."

The duo were on the same wavelength throughout the making of her album, and Jack - who joined the 'Young and Beautiful' hitmaker at her Grammy Museum talk - said he had one of the "most prolific musical days" of his life whilst working with Lana.

He said: "I think that first day when we were together that might have been like the most prolific musical day of my life. Sometimes when you're collaborating with someone, you're thinking of a jumping-off point. You're like, 'Well, I have this idea.' And she was like, 'I have this idea;' and then just did that ... To hear it come out of thin air was a really profound experience."

And Lana detailed how her writing process has changed over the years, as now she writes about her future plans, instead of her past.

The 'Summertime Sadness' singer said: "I used to write about what I did. And then I started writing about what I was doing. And now I only write what I'm going to do. So it's new for me. And I like to let the process reveal things to me. I have quite an LA-eclectic take on writing. I really believe it's magical."

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