What gives? Layla Elwi's delay signing "Leaves of Berries" contract makes show's future uncertain

Published January 14th, 2015 - 07:53 GMT
Layla Elwi is bringing drama to the drama. (Image: cropped from Facebook)
Layla Elwi is bringing drama to the drama. (Image: cropped from Facebook)

So far all drama makers have to go on is her word, but Layla Elwi is taking forever to sign the dang contract. The Egyptian actress had agreed to star in the new television drama "Awraq Tweet" (Leaves of Berries), but without that contract drama makers aren't able to push forward filming the show. 

Layla's delay has already pushed male lead actor Kamal Abu Raya to request withdrawal from the project because he's waited too long to begin filming, and now he has other dramas to work on.

According to Laha magazine, producer Majed Al Obeid refused Kamal's request and promised him he will resolve the crises in the soonest time possible, and added that director Hani Ismael will begin preparations to film the scenes once Layla's contract is final.

The director and producer had begun negotiations with Layla several months ago, and she had at the time expressed her initial acceptance to play the leading female role. So far, she and the director haven't even met to decide the nature of the character she will play in the historical drama about a legendary prince that is accused of poisoning and killing the king. He is jailed as a result, and after years he breaks his silence and reveals shocking facts. Some of the scenes of the drama are scheduled to be filmed in India.


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