Tough times for Layla Elwi who will spend Ramadan away from her family

Published June 12th, 2014 - 10:24 GMT

It's either Layla Elwi is the most devoted mother in Egypt, or she's just too afraid to leave her home for too long! The veteran actress has to film away from home for two weeks to complete her upcoming Ramadan TV show on time, but she ain't happy and we know why!

Layla will be leaving her hubby and only son Khaled behind as she heads to a filming boot-camp where the remaining scenes of "Shams" (Sun) are to be completed. Can they survive without "their" Mama for that long? Filming will continue until the second week of Ramadan, according to

Insider sources said that Layla had hoped that filming wouldn't call for her to leave home for a long period of time and to be away from her family during the beginning of Ramadan. We're sure her family understands!

Layla requested the drama's director, Khaled Hajjar, to try and complete filming in the quickest time possible as she's planning on travelling with her husband within that time period as well.

In related news, Elwi chose Lebanese singer Wael Jassar to sing the theme tune for “Shams.” Wael is currently in a Beirut hospital after being admitted for very high fever.

According to, the tune for “Shams” was written by Egyptian poet Nabeel Khalaf, composed by Khaled Dagher and distributed by Mustafa Dagher.

The singer has already recorded the song in Dubai, where he currently resides.

The drama itself was written by Alaa Hassan and stars Jameel Rateb, Samira Abdel Aziz, Hani Adel, Naser Saif and Hussam Shabaan and was directed by Khaled Al Hajjar and produced by the company “King Tut Productions.”

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