Lebanon's Kardashian sisters' reality show faker than Pamela Anderson's breasts!

Published March 8th, 2015 - 07:55 GMT

Lebanon's Kardashian sisters, Alice, Nadine and Farah Abdel Aziz have finally made their reality TV debut on Friday night.

Let's just cut to the chase: The show is silly.

S I L L Y. 

The sisters look almost identical with their makeup, hair style, clothes and the way they talk! And just for the record girls, mentioning each other's names a million times in the first five minutes of the show has only confused us about who's who more than we already were!

But we gotta give it to them, even though they're all equally spoiled, their personalities are about the only individual thing they've in common! Alice, the eldest and founder of their Style in Beirut fashion blog, is the "responsible" one, while Nadine is the fun, energetic and carefree sis, and youngest sibling Farah is the mature and organized one.

If we were to compare the Abdel Azizs to the Kardashian klan, you'll realize that at least the one thing the KKs have in common is a big butt and an equally large bank account!

Episode one started off slow with each sister going about her day - you know, as they usually would if the cameras weren't there! Except, the entire scenarios taking place throughout the episode looked fake and unrealistic, much like the girls' performances. And we refer to them as "performances" because nothing they said or did hasn't been previously rehearsed!

If anyone after seeing this show still thinks reality TV is "real," then they're in a serious need of a reality check! 

But if for some reason you'd still like to see what the girls are up to next week, catch them on the omnibus episodes on Thursday at 4:30pm on Rotana Khaleejia and Friday at 7:00pm on LBC TV, or watch them from Saturday through to Thursday at 5:00pm on LBC and at 1:00am on Rotana Khaleejia.

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