Dubai's desert roses: UK celeb fashionista advises UAE's Plain Janes how to blossom

Dubai's desert roses: UK celeb fashionista advises UAE's Plain Janes how to blossom
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Published January 6th, 2013 - 06:00 GMT via

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Louise Roe retains her crown as the UK's style-Queen
Louise Roe retains her crown as the UK's style-Queen
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Louise Roe

Louise Roe and Plain Jane — we never thought we’d see the two in the same sentence. The very glamorous TV presenter, writer, editor and model acts as a fairy godmother to wallflowers, putting them through confidence-building exercises and giving them a makeover on her reality TV show Plain Jane. Later, Roe sets up a date with their crush so the newly blossomed flower has a fairytale ending.

“The term Plain Jane for me is someone who doesn’t realise their potential, someone who has reason to be a lot more confident than they are. For sure, I’ve been one too. I had some very awkward phases as a teen. I think every woman has a Plain Jane moment,” Roe tells tabloid!, though with her lush brown locks and golden tan, we find that hard to believe.

“This project is very rewarding; on a scale of one-10, it’s an 11. Some Janes are very tough because they’re strong, intelligent women who don’t like being told to try new things. But I love those episodes even more because it challenges me. Some are so willing to be trusting and vulnerable immediately, while some are stubborn and I have to be bossy. Some are scared, so I nurture them — lots of hugs and chats both on and off camera.

“Confidence is not just limited to looking good, I think that’s very evident in the show. Confidence starts on the inside,” Roe said.

After getting the 'Janes’ to conquer their biggest fears, thereby boosting their self esteem, Roe sets up a date with their crush.

“No, every episode does not have a fairytale ending — it’s important we tell the truth. If it doesn’t end well, usually by then, the ‘Jane’ is so confident in herself that she deals with it really well. Then, I take her for drinks and we spend the rest of the date together instead!”

For Dubai’s plain janes, Roe says, “Wear colour — it’s bold and helps you be confident. For the girls, try high heels, even just a two inch heel helps your posture and elegance. Don’t be afraid to approach the person you like, chances are they will reciprocate. Don’t forget to smile and laugh — sometimes we get so nervous around someone we fancy that we get too intense.”

And her top fashion no-nos include, “Wearing trainers with anything that isn’t gym clothes, bra-straps showing, too much caked-on make-up, a dress that’s too tight — fit is important — and greasy hair.”

The woman wearing many hats says, “I love balancing writing and TV, but I enjoy the TV slightly more, it’s such an adrenaline rush.”

In her role as TV presenter, Roe covered the royal wedding and is now excited with the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting, “It’s wonderful news! They will be awesome parents. And can you imagine Prince Harry as your uncle? Brilliant.”

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