Celebrity roast: Mai Hariri grills fellow celebs on "The Accused"

Published April 19th, 2014 - 02:34 GMT

Lebanese singer Mai Hariri is the latest celeb to take the hot seat on the daring weekly show “Al Muttaham” (The Accused) with hosts Raja Nasser and Rudolph Hilal.

The show was an explosive one, with Mai firing plenty of accusations at fellow celebs and discussing her political opinions.

Before roasting her fellow female singers, Mai talked about her personal life, specifically her ex-hubby, who she said tried to take away their daughter’s custody away from her.

The sensitive Mama then began to hysterically cry when she got more into the details of her troubled marriage and divorce.

It was then time to voice her frank opinion about her fellow Arab female superstars.

Mai accused Tunisian singer Latifah of stealing her idea in her latest music video, which cost Mai over $120 thousand to produce.

When accused of stealing Nancy Ajram’s latest music video idea in return, Mai denied doing it flat out.

As for Lebanese diva Myriam Fares, Mai said that she did not copy the singer’s famous hairstyle, nor does she think that Myms is famous in Lebanon.

“She’s only famous outside of Lebanon,” said Mai.

It was then the turn of “The Sun of Arabic Music” Najwa Karam, who she accused of being “lost,” and called on Elissa to return to her original singing style.

She further said that she’s not jealous of Elissa’s looks, because there’s nothing to be jealous of!

Mai then bashed actress Cyrine Abdelnour, who she accused of being “over her head with the idea that she could actually act.” Harsh much?

The accusations kept on getting better, where she had Nawal Al Zoghbi being  accused of lacking in self-confidence, Assi Helani of being overly generous, and Ragheb Alama of being stingy.

Miss Critic was a little bit nicer for a while when she described Melhem Barakat as “nice,” and Wael Kfoury as “Handsome.”

She then went back to hate-mode saying that Haifa Wehbe’s latest film idea (Halawet Rouh - Beauty of the Soul) was stolen from Monica Bellucci’s Martini Gold commercial.

But the accusation kept on coming, with Mai claiming that Haifa’s social media accounts represent fake numbers of fans, and described Haifa as the “Queen of Fake Accounts.”

Her fave artists were Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, who Mai said she loves listening to, and Najwa Karam because their music is truly genuine and they sing from the heart.

Although Mai considers Asala Nasri as the top female artist in the Arab world, she said that she’d rather not listen to her music or watch her popular TV show “Soula” because of the singer’s political views.

As for her own political opinions, Mai said that she’s a supporter of the extremist Lebanese group Hezbollah.

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