My bling doesn't mean thing! Mai Izz El Din's diamond on her finger is NOT an engagement ring

Published January 22nd, 2014 - 02:07 GMT
Mai Izz El Din like it, so she put it on, but no, she's not engaged!
Mai Izz El Din like it, so she put it on, but no, she's not engaged!

Despite what the ladies on the new entertainment program "Ahla Masa" (Good Evening) may say, nobody liked it and put a ring on it when it comes to Egyptian actress Mai Izz El Din. The show hosted by Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo and singer Hisham Abbas sparked rumors that Mai was soon to be a Mrs. after many people had noticed some extra sparkle from the starlet's fingers. So much for staying out of the spotlight!

According to Laha Magazine, Mai immediately extinguished the gossip that was spreading like fire, announcing that she was not involved with anyone, let alone engaged. She said the bling she sported was due to an infatuation with engagement rings. She wears them regularly as a fashion statement, not an engagement announcement. Mai stressed she would never get involved in a secret relationship. Once the right guy comes along, she'll be sure to let us know. The religiously upstanding star is used to have her personal life an open book.

You'd think fans would have learned to not jump so quickly to assumptions about her love life after that wedding dress photo shoot gave rise to a similar ascertation that turned out to be untrue as well.

Have you ever worn a diamond ring without a commitment to a man? Please share in the comment box below!

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