Marwa promises new surprises

Published April 17th, 2005 - 12:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Marwa has recently returned from Africa, where she held a series of concerts in different countries, after receiving a special invitation from Arab communities living there. The singer is currently preparing to shoot her upcoming music video for the song “Ihda Ya Wad” (Take It Easy) from her latest album “Sheel Eedak” (Take your hand off).


According to the London based weekly, Laha, Marwa revealed that she will film the new clip in Egypt under the direction of an Egyptian director, whom she has not yet settled on. Marwa has revealed that she will make her debut in the acting world by taking part in a new film, which name or the producing company remain unknown. The singer revealed that in the film she will be playing the role of common girl from a poor family, who reopens her father’s café after he becomes ill to support her family.


Throughout the course of events in the film, Marwa is faced with many obstacles especially harassments from men. She finally meets a man that is so impressed with her ability to sing and turns her into a star.


Marwa has described herself as being stubborn and hardheaded not caring about all the criticism she is facing regarding her singing and inappropriate seductive style in her music videos, in addition to disregarding all the warnings she has received from the censorship committee. The singer has acquired the style of taking old classical songs and remixing them to make them modern. 
Marwa has overlooked all the criticism and made things worse by shooting a new music video in a bar. Marwa has filmed her new video in Jala Studio and made the background look like a bar in the sixties. An European cameraman was brought to ensure that the theme of the clip is well portrayed. The new song “Laleeh” is written by poet Ramzi Al Basyouni and composer Dia’ Ghazawi. 
Marwa was recently attacked by harsh criticism from the media and the Censorship regarding her manner in her video clips. Resigned Egyptian singer Laila Nazmi, who sung the original songs Marwa remixed, accused Marwa of insulting her songs and disgracefully portraying them and filed a lawsuit demanding she put a stop to the ridicule. Laila was shocked when she first saw the manner in which Marwa was performing her songs turning them into merely music for dancing and loosing their true meaning and quality. 

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