Big hair and beautiful eyes: could Lebanese Maya Diab be the new Beyoncé?

Published May 28th, 2012 - 01:37 GMT
Maya Diab
Maya Diab

They may have more differences than similarities but Lebanese singer Maya Diab is determined to be the new Beyoncé

The model and artist from Beirut has installed a tanning bed in her own home to try and emulate the Texan superstar’s golden skin hue.

The two don’t immediately have much in common but both singers have dabbled in acting in the past: Maya in a number of TV series and Beyoncé most famously in the Golden Globe winning ‘Dreamgirls’ in 2006.

Both are happily married women too: Beyoncé to rap star Jay Z in April 2008 and Maya to her rich businessman boyfriend in 2006. 

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